What is Bhawishya?

Bhawishya is a national event organized by  Ministry of Science and Technology along with karkhana targetting young students aged 8-15. In this event, students get a platform to realize and solve real-world problems by building the project on the event day at the event venue.It is a challenge involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects where students work in a team of 3 to build a project/working prototype that solves a real-world problem in Nepal. The problem that team is trying to solve is recommended (not compulsory) to addresses one or more goals mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals but within a certain time frame. Students would have to build the project in the event venue itself and would be judged on the building process.

This year there are 3 themes in Bhawishya

1.Bhawishya Solve
2.Bhawishya Robotics

3.Bhawishya Experiment

How is Bhawishya different?

1.Students need to solve an existing local or global issue through their projects
2.Students are not limited to narrow themes
3.Students will have exclusive access to building materials