What is Bhawishya?

Bhawishya is a unique annual Science fair where the participants have to make their projects right on the venue. It is organized by Karkhana targetting young students aged 8-15. In this event, students get a platform to realize and solve real-world problems.

It is a challenge involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects where students work in teams of 3 students to build a project/working prototype that solves a real-world problem in Nepal. The problems that teams are trying to solve are recommended (not compulsory) to address one or more goals mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals but within a certain time frame. Students build the project in the event venue itself and are judged on the building process.


Main Goals

  1. To Foster Scientific Thinking: One of the most important goals of भविष्य  is to foster scientific thinking from an early age. Although science is a foundational subject in the national school curriculum, the emphasis is on knowing facts instead of being able to do things. भविष्य  challenges students to practice core scientific skills through hands-on learning such as experimentation, observation, hypothesis-making, interpretation or synthesis.
  2. To Highlight Skilled Youth: Our society rewards academic performance because there are clear ways to measure and demonstrate it. भविष्य  provides a platform for youth to demonstrate their skills and be rewarded for it. By excelling in a platform like भविष्य, students with scientific and technical skills can earn the respect of their peers and the support of their guardians/teachers.


भविष्य  Solve


  1. To Promote Real World Applications of Science and Technology: भविष्य  Solve promotes the use of scientific thinking to solve social problems by encouraging students to align their science project with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unlike regular science competitions, students are prompted to build a prototype of a project that solves a real-world problem, urging students to use their leadership and scientific skills to imagine a more sustainable future.
  2. To Empower Communities Through Citizen Science: In the absence of research-driven efforts to solve community problems, भविष्य  Solve empowers citizens with the skills to solve problems on their own in the community. Platforms like भविष्य  can catalyze thinking and planning behavior around problems that are common and solvable by citizens themselves. 


भविष्य  Robotics

  1. To Promote STEAM Careers: Building competent personnel in the STEAM disciplines is an important national goal. By introducing robotics, भविष्य  aims to spur curiosity among students to retain and grow their interest in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) disciplines. Traditional textbook learning can only hold students’ interest in STEAM to a certain point. The challenges of designing and making robotics and the rewards of overcoming those challenges are likely to sustain their interests throughout their school life, potentially leading up to careers in STEAM.
  2. To Increase the Representation of Girls in STEAM: A major challenge in the  STEAM disciplines has been the lack of diversity in personnel. भविष्य  Robotics aims to tackle this by creating a learning environment that encourages girls to explore STEAM concepts in an enriching and supportive environment. भविष्य  Robotics is a platform through which we aim to create role models for other aspiring science and technology enthusiasts, especially little girls who are looking for inspiration.


भविष्य  Experiment

  1. To Reward the Curiosity of Students:  भविष्य  Experiment aims to emphasize experimentation as a necessary and important step not just in scientific thinking but also as an important process in life. The experimentation process involves skills such as risk taking and decision making which children must learn from an early age. School systems reward other important skills such as following routine and schedules but lack opportunities for students to take chances. भविष्य  Experiment celebrates students who take chances in their own learning by pursuing their interests and remaining curious.