Bhawishya STEAM Challenge 2019 seeks to recognize the different abilities and skills of its participants through various award criteria, going against traditional norms of recognition as first, second, or third.

The awards will be distributed in a separate awards ceremony where the winning teams and their teachers/principals will be invited along with distinguished members of Nepal Government and event partners will be present. A press conference will be organized for this purpose and the winning teams will be notified of the dates.

A. The Bhawishya STEAM Running Shield:

This award is presented to the team with the highest average points in the team score tally in each age category. Winning teams will take home a shield, medals, and certificates along with gift hampers from partners.

i. Best Concept Award: Awarded to the team with the most genuine idea; may or may not be usable in daily lives.

ii. Community Impact Award: Awarded to the team with the most practical and usable solution to their stated problem.

iii. Best Teamwork: Awarded to the team that exhibits excellent teamwork and task management during their project building time in the event venue. Will be judged throughout the event.

iv. Aesthetic Appeal Award: Awarded to the team that comes up with the most appealing and eye-catching design, irrespective of SDG category.

v. Most Resourceful Team: Awarded to the team that makes the best use of its raw materials and makes minimal use of resources to build their project.

vi. The Problem Solver: Awarded to the team that directly solves a problem they had addressed in their application.

vii. Best Story Award: Awarded to the team with the best presentation skills and story behind their project.