Live Update


Over 110 participating teams,  भविष्य STEAM Challenge is at full swing.

Most of the teams have arrived at the venue and have already started working on their projects. The maker mentors are providing assistance wherever needed. The team of 40 judges who were assigned various teams have started observing the projects.


Time: 12:00

The participating teams are halfway through completing their prototype. Many interesting projects related to the theme – Sustainable Development; have been proposed by the teams such as River Cleaning System, Smart Cities, Impact of pollution in water life among others.

The first batch of audience have just arrived from  Repumardini Secondary Sainik School.


Time: 12:15

Some of the media outlets have arrived at the venue and have started taking coverage of the event.


Time: 12:25

Three makers space stalls from Karkhana, Nepal Innovation Lab and Robotics Association of Nepal have been installed in the event at the center of the hall. The students are taking help form the makers space that require adult supervision.


Time: 12:58

Shree Janaak Secondary School, Daakshin Dhoka are working on their idea of a revamped plough that does more than just plough fields. Their “Adhunik Hai” ploughs fields, irrigates them and also clears grass out of the way.


Time: 01:15

The Junior Team of Akshara School are working on their idea of using bottles as both Flower Pots as well as Air Cooler. With their idea, we can use the bottom part of the bottles as flower pots and the upper part can be used as Air Cooling Units.


Time: 01:40

The team from Galaxy Public School have worked on producing a vacuum cleaner with materials easily available on the home. This vacuum cleaner is affordable for average people of Nepal. They have used recyclable products.


Time: 02:00

The judging session has ended and now the event is open to the public. The entry is FREE of cost and you can come to the Army Sports Complex in Lagankhel if you’re interested.


Time: 02:10

The Chief Guest has arrived at the event and is observing the various projects.


Time: 02:30

Many more reporters from various outlets have arrived to the venue and have started to observe the various projects put out by the students. The hall is packed at the moment as more and more people are coming into the venue.


Time: 02:40

Students from Chahari Sikshya Sadan and Annal Jyoti School have arrived at the event to see the venue. They look excited.