If you are having problems making the prototype for Bhawishya STEAM challenge, then the following links might prove to be beneficial.

1. If you want to make your prototype based on the SDGs and you are wondering what to make, what might be the prototype to solve related problems then go through the PDF for reference, also you can have your own idea, the projects mentioned on the PDF are only the sample Sample of projects based on SDGs
2. Here, are the website that might guide you.

Get Instruction For making your projects

Make DIY projects

Utilizing The Trash for bulding project

Using chemical for making prototype

make you prototype with low cost

Guides for making Robots

Make your DIY projects

Make your project more asthetically beautiful

Get help to make any project

Instruction for making science project


Astronomical project(NASA)

3. Links for videos For making you prototype

a)Here are the instructions on how you can make your project artistic. Add Arts to project

b)Here are the instructions on how you can use Engineering concepts for your prototypeVideos for adding Engineering Concepts

4. If you are unclear about Sustainable Development Goals(SDG). Please visit the following websites.

SDGs In Nepali

 SDGs In English