भविष्य Robotics
To Promote STEAM Careers: Building competent personnel in the STEAM disciplines is an important national goal. By introducing robotics, भविष्य aims to spur curiosity among students to retain and grow their interest in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) disciplines. Traditional textbook learning can only hold students’ interest in STEAM to a certain point. The challenges of designing and making robotics and the rewards of overcoming those challenges are likely to sustain their interests throughout their school life, potentially leading up to careers in STEAM.
To Increase the Representation of Girls in STEAM: A major challenge in the STEAM disciplines has been the lack of diversity in personnel. भविष्य Robotics aims to tackle this by creating a learning environment that encourages girls to explore STEAM concepts in an enriching and supportive environment. भविष्य Robotics is a platform through which we aim to create role models for other aspiring science and technology enthusiasts, especially little girls who are looking for inspiration.

Here are the resources for making robots